Episode #2 - An Interview with Andrew Dixon of Radiopaedia

April 27, 2015

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Episode #0.999 - “A Disclaimer”

March 2, 2015

Ok, so before you guys listen to anything I say, I do want to put a disclaimer out there.  

This was written using the format posted by Steve Carroll of EM Basic and ...oh ...my, it's a doozy. Even in its current state it spans a full minute.  
I post it in audio form once here once and know that it applies to all blog posts and podcasts. I will not be tagging it on to any other episodes.  Just know that it applies.
If for some reason you would like to reference it, know that it will always be on my site under "Disclaimer."

Episode #0.5: “A Prologue”

March 1, 2015

Now in MP3!!!

Hey guys, I think I have almost made my promise.  The first (pre)episode is here and I have just missed February for release. Apologies, I totally forgot it was such a short month!

This episode is just an explanation of the project.  I sound a bit silly as it is scripted, but not to fear(!) later episodes are planned but unscripted.
I will also add that a lot of people have joined the team since this recording.  Including the "Reading Radiographer" team at Egg Cup Training to provide frequent radiology tips.  Andrew Dixon (a Managing Editor at Radiopaedia) and I have also recorded a multi segment interview and he and I will be producing some videos on reading common Emergency/Trauma images in the ED.
I want you involved in any way, including feedback.  Technical quality will improve over the upcoming episodes, but provide your thoughts on the actual episodes as the role out.
Thanks for listening!
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